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Nazneen Akhter asked 12 months ago

I am a Mother of 17 years old and I have been invested my hard earning money with Knowledge First opening a RESP at the age of My daughter 5 months old. I paid every month $113 dollar to your company towards my RESP . Rebecca Ringelstein Sales Representative came to my home and opened this account. SHe has been kept in touch until she retired from your company. after that nobody contacted me accept one email from a rep said he took over the file after Rebecca left. I recieved a call from Knowledge First Financial about group plan and individual plan and stating that if I don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t contact they will keep it as group plan which will not benefit me much. today I called and trying to find out who taking care of my plan ? Finally I got the name Cathy Ohayon taking care of my file and I got her phone number too which is 416 630 9479. As my daughter is turning 18 next year and I greatly rely on this money I am panicking and wanted to talk to Cathy Ohayon I called her and she hung up. even the Knowledge First customer service representative also hung up the phone. every time I am calling Cathy she is hunging my phone call up. What kind of service you providing? people are talking about how RESp is a fraud and companies are taking poor parents hard saving money with it ! So this is true? When I should be contacted and guided how to prep for Withdarwal of this RESP next year for my daughter instead they hanging the phone up? You can take my $!!# dollar every month and can\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t serve one day? I will go to Media with it. I will go every sector for it? I will fight to the end for this injustice. I will.  You better contact me and better treat me good because you had my money every year. I am a single mother and trusted you with my little money. I will fight to the end until my last breath. Contact me at 647 703 3336

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Christine Staff answered 12 months ago

Hello Nazneen,
I’m sorry to hear about your experience and have forwarded your comments to our Helpdesk team. Someone will be in touch with you. However, if you would like to try again to contact us, our customer service number is 1 800 363-7377 (toll free). We also have web chat available from our contact page: https://www.knowledgefirstfinancial.ca/contact.aspx.