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Mary Ann Sposato asked 10 months ago

My son has had a plan with you since he was a baby.  He has a diagnosis of a Learning Disability impacting his processing speed which takes him longer to complete assignments and exams.
The psychologist recommended a possible reduced course load if necessary in university.  Here are my two questions:

  1.  How many university courses need to be taken for a student to be considered full time and receive the full pay out?
  2. What accommodations are made for Learning Disabled students like my son who may not be able to take 5 full time credit courses?  What documentation/ paper work do you require in order for him to access his money?  Are there any deadlines?

He he plans to attend university in the Fall of 2020.

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Bradley Storrar Sanchez Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Mary Ann,
Please contact our Customer Service department for assistance with your plan. We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have. There are several ways to contact them below, including live chat from our contact page: (https://www.knowledgefirstfinancial.ca/contact.aspx)
Toll Free: 1 800 363-7377
Fax: 1 800 668-5007
TTY: 1 877 694-7944 (text telephone services for the hearing impaired)
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