Get your box full of wins for today and tomorrow

Knowledge First Financial understands the challenges families are facing all across the country during this time. That’s why we want to help you score some parenting wins today — and education wins tomorrow.

Open a RESP and get an activity box from Curiosity Box Kids*

Right now you could use some parenting wins. Knowledge First Financial understands, because we’re parents too. That’s why we’re ready to help you get through today by providing you with a craft and education activity box to keep your kids entertained while you plan for education wins tomorrow.

Parenting Wins
you could use


Toothpaste is your new favourite cleaner!

Toothpaste doesn't just clean teeth: it whitens dirty sneakers, too.


Use a clear savings jar instead of a piggy bank!

Let your kids watch their savings grow!


Use a frozen sponge as an ice pack to keep your kid's lunch cold.

Can't find a freezer pack to keep your kid's lunch cool? Include a few frozen sponges inside their lunch bag!


Cut a sticker in half to make sure shoes go on the right feet!

Little ones haven't learned left from right? Cut a sticker in two and put the halves on their shoes for an easy win!


Offer savings incentives to create goals.

Dollars and incentives: start a matching program to encourage specific goals!


Fabric softener will save the hair on your child's favourite doll.

When a favourite doll's hair has terrible tangles, fabric softener can save the day!


Make a money wish: teach kids about priorities by having them write a wish list!

Setting up goals and attributing value to each of them helps kids make realistic progress towards what they want to spend on.


Use hot glue to keep shoes from slipping!

Keep your kids upright: a little hot glue on sneaker soles keeps them from slipping!


Put ketchup on the bun before the hot dog to save a mess.

Say goodbye to hot dog messes: put the condiments on the bun before the dog. Smart!


Divvy it up! Use different jars for saving, spending and giving.

Allocate different saving spots for different goals to teach your kid how to save and spend.


Colour code your clock to teach time management!

Finding family time management to be time consuming? Colour code your clock!


Let kids earn their own money at home.

Earning is learning! Create an age appropriate paid chore chart.


Use Band-Aids to cover outlets in a pinch.

Need to keep little fingers out of electrical outlets? Bandage strips cure that problem in a pinch!


Put muffin wrappers in car cupholders to save them from getting dirty.

Keep crumbs out of your cupholders: just drop some muffin wrappers in!


Make kids your payment pal: let them handle the cash or tap your card at the checkout.

Next time, let your child have a go at the grocery store!


Kiddy bank: give your children their own place to save!

Put their savings jar alongside their everyday items to remind them of their financial goals.


Family currency: Make your own money for kids to use when playing.

Use some pretend money to teach kids about payment transactions and spending.


Act as a creditor of the bank of Mom and dad!

The bank of Mom & Dad is the best place for kids to learn about borrowing and saving


At Knowledge First Financial, we believe the path to future parenting wins starts with your decision to save with a Registered Education Savings Plan today. RESP is the smart and proven way to save for post-secondary education, but before setting out on this journey, you’ll want to be sure of your destination. By deciding on a budget, setting an attainable goal and choosing the right RESP, we can help your plan become a reality to set you up on the path to future education wins for you and your family.

Scoring parenting wins today isn’t always easy, unlike choosing Knowledge First Financial as your RESP provider. For over 50 years, Knowledge First has paid $8.2 billion to customers and students thus far, and has become Canada’s largest RESP company. Today, we manage RESPs for more than 535,000 beneficiaries and each year approximately 60,000 students attend post-secondary with the help of one of our plans. Our sole focus is on education savings: helping you score the parenting wins of tomorrow is what we do!

Our RESP Specialists help Canadian parents just like you each and every day. Thanks to their efforts, more families learn about the importance of RESP savings for their children’s future education: a parenting win today that leads to an even bigger parenting win tomorrow. Let’s get a conversation going to explore your options and, together, find your best path towards more parenting wins.