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Peter Shum asked 6 months ago

How do I find out how much a unit pays?  I know it changes annually based on the maturing units, but it’d be nice to at least have an estimation so I’d have an idea if there is enough enough for when my daughter goes to university, and then whether and how much I need to put aside in addition to her KFF units.

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Info KFF answered 6 months ago

Hello Peter, Thank you for your message. It’s great to hear that you are reviewing your plan to ensure you will have enough for your daughter’s education after high school. You can find the latest EAP values for the Family Group Plan on the corporate website: click here to view. The illustration of potential funds available on your most recent Statement of Account is also a good tool for assessing whether you are saving enough. Please don’t hesitate to speak with your sales representative if you would like to review your plan – it part of our commitment to help families like yours make the most of their RESP.

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